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 Teh Skin R Teh S0x0rs, I wanna make a r0x0rs 1. :P
Posted: Apr 3 2004, 06:01 PM
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Well, you prolly remember how I complained for a bit that the boards were messed up in Firefox. The matter was forgotten, and then a month or so ago I tried to mess with the forum templates (IE: I saved a page off the board and messed with it on my comp) to fix the incorrect rendering in Firefox... didn't have much success, I dunno what the guy was on who made the things. roll.gif So I gave up for a little longer.

Recently, Acidgame, after I made a skin for IRC Idiots modelled after my site, suggested I make a MZZT's-site-theme for ZFGC.

Now, the CSS I had to work with was very limited, but I think the skin was ok... could have been better if AcidGame had more stuff in his CSS wink.gif tongue.gif

Ok, anyways, I was wondering if I could make a skin. One of the admins could send me the templates or CSS or whatever and I could make a skin after my site as an alternate skin for the boards. smile.gif

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